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By Margaret Bux
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No matter what size or shape your boat is, it can be shipped securely and efficiently using any of the following three methods:

By Container

If your boat fits into the dimensions of a 20ft or 40ft container (this could be an open-top container), it can be shipped this way.  With custom or ready-made shipping cradles, combined with strap and support systems your boat can arrive safe and damage free in a container, to its destination.

By Flat Rack Container

A flat-rack is a steel base upon which cargo is placed.  It has similar length and width dimensions of a container. Flat-racks have standardised locking mechanisms (twistlocks) in the corners of their structure which enable the units to be secured into existing points on a ship or on top of a standard container stack.

Flat racks are designed to transport larger boats, like the one pictured in a recent project for Clarke Global Logistics.  The boat was bought in Adelaide by a client, and needed to be shipped to Port Moresby in Papua New Guinea.  It was secured to a specially built cradle and fixed to the bottom of the flat rack container.  Rubber matting and webbing straps were used to protect and secure the boat.  Oversize breakbulk cargo that is suitable for handling with a flat-rack is referred to as ‘out of gauge’ cargo.

To see if your boat is suitable for standard or flat rack container shipping, you can view the dimensions and clearances of containers here.

By Break Bulk

Any size of boat (or those with dimensions too large to fit into containers or with a shape too difficult to position inside a container) can be shipped by directly loading onto a special break bulk vessel.  In this case, the boats are secured to a ready built metal cradle or a timber cradle that has been custom built for the purpose of shipping.  Lifting points are then fixed to the cradles to enable them to be lifted onto the vessel by crane.

Alternatively, a boat can be towed directly onto a cargo vessel, on a large trailer to which it is secured.

With access to a reliable network of transport partners along with their expertise in arranging shipping for oversize freight, means that Clarke Global Logistics is always able to arrange special projects, such as  ‘out of gauge’ boat cargo.

Email or call the Clarke Global team today on 9854 3000 to discuss how to transport your boat from anywhere in the world and to obtain a free quote.


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