Freight Forwarding Services

Through a series of international partnerships Clarke Global Logistics has access to professional and reliable freight forwarding and customs brokerage resources globally.

Clarke Global Logistics offers freight shipping services to customers worldwide. Clarke Global is one of Australia’s leading freight forwarding companies with the capabilities to deliver exceptional import and export freight logistics services. With a team of licensed Customs Brokers and qualified transport, logistics and administration personnel, Clarke Global will ensure freight smoothly arrives to the required destination.

Experienced Freight Shipping Agents

Clarke Global maintains a close working relationship with offices and agents around the world, which allows us to monitor and control all cargo movements from the time the order is placed. We keep our clients well informed of shipment status at all times.

Clarke Global Logistics is electronically registered with both the Australian Border Force (formerly Australian Customs Service) and Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry Integrated Cargo System (ICS), enabling rapid clearance on all import and export consignments shipped to and from Australia.

No matter how big or how small your requirement, Clarke Global’s dedicated team of shipping agents can provide what is essential for a cost-effective and streamlined export and import logistics service for our clients.

International Freight Forwarding

Through a series of international partnerships Clarke Global Logistics has access to professional and reliable freight forwarding and customs brokerage resources globally.

We work with strategic partners within our network to provide the best rates, services and carriers available and deliver outstanding international logistics services.

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Domestic Freight Forwarding

With a team of licensed Customs Brokers and qualified transport, logistics and administration personnel, Clarke Global will ensure freight smoothly arrives to the required destination. Clarke Global services all Australian entry ports and can deliver hassle free freight forwarding logistics to clients across Australia, including Sydney, Brisbane, Darwin, Port Kemba, Perth, Adelaide, Hobart and Melbourne.


Freight Forwarding and Supply Logistics

To see how Clarke Global can deliver international freight, domestic freight, import logistics, supply logistics, import tenders, export logistics, special project and oversize freight forwarding services to your business, contact us today.

Why choose Clarke global


Established in 1917, Clarke Global Logistics is a reputable Australian Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder; offering a totally integrated trade service both locally and globally, encompassing international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, third party logistics and warehousing.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, the professional team of Clarke Global Logistics has acquired a wealth of collective knowledge in providing customised solutions to a wide array of industries, and is supported by industry trained transport, logistics and administration personnel.

Professional service based on a foundation of over 100 years in servicing importers and exporters.

One contact for all your global shipping and airfreight supply chain logistics.

Friendly and personalised service; We have built long-standing relationships with clients over many decades.

We facilitate the entire service – from freight forwarding to export logistics, Customs Clearance, transportation and warehousing storage.


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Frequently asked questions

Freight forwarding services are logistics services that involve transporting goods from one place to another. A freight forwarder can arrange for the collection, storage and delivery of goods on behalf of customers.

Freight forwarding plays a vital role in coordinating the worldwide transportation of goods, with freight forwarders effectively managing the complex logistics for both importers and exporters. Serving as intermediaries, forwarders organise the transportation of goods—often across international borders—by whatever means is most effective, whether that be land, air, sea, or rail. Forwarders manage documentation, carrier selection, consolidation and customs clearance as part of this.

To arrange the effective transport of your freight, just reach out to Clarke Global Logistics. We’ll guide you through the necessary documentation, carrier selection and customs procedures. Throughout the journey, from origin to destination, we will expertly manage shipments, provide real-time progress updates and supervise the entire delivery process—alleviating you of the task of dealing with the logistical complexities involved in transporting your goods across borders. Our close relationships with global partners allow us to monitor your cargo every step of the way, ensuring a seamless journey of goods from origin to destination.

We offer a comprehensive range of freight forwarding services. We specialise in air and sea freight, customs brokerage, warehousing, distribution and trade services. We simplify customs clearance procedures, ensuring compliance with regulations. We also provide secure warehousing, efficient distribution and offer trade services such as documentation and compliance.

Our expertise and commitment to exceptional service make us the go-to choice for reliable freight forwarding solutions. With over a century of industry experience, Clarke Global Logistics has become a trusted Australian Customs Broker and freight forwarder.

There are several reasons why you should consider Clarke Global Logistics as your partner when it comes to freight forwarding.
Firstly, we take a personalised approach, building strong client relationships and prioritising customer satisfaction. You can expect professionalism, reliability and efficiency in handling your shipments by choosing us.

Secondly, with our extensive experience and comprehensive range of services, we provide efficient and reliable solutions tailored to our clients’ specific needs. Our extensive global network ensures smooth transit and delivery of your goods across borders, while our commitment to compliance and security guarantees peace of mind.

Thirdly, we aren’t tied to one agent, meaning that we can find the most competitive solutions for transporting your freight!

Finally, the Australian Border Force has granted Clarke Global Logistics with ongoing Australian Trusted Trader status. This means we have been assessed, inspected and recognised as an international trading business with a secure supply chain and compliant trade practices. Because of our ongoing compliance, we have a higher level of access and contact with the Australian Border Force, giving our clients peace of mind.

Clarke Global Logistics is renowned in the field of freight forwarding due to our commitment to providing reliable and efficient services. We have a team of experienced professionals dedicated to delivering quality results for our customers. Our extensive network ensures that we can provide cost-effective solutions for all your freight needs, no matter where you’re located. With years of experience in the industry, we understand how important it is for goods and materials to be delivered on time and with care, which is why we strive hard every day to ensure that happens! If you want to read more about the history of our business, click here. And to read reviews from our happy customers, see What our clients say here.

At Clarke Global Logistics, customs clearance for freight forwarding is handled with precision and efficiency. Our team of customs brokerage specialists ensures compliance with regulations and stays up to date with changes. We assist in preparing all necessary documentation and maintain strong communication channels with customs authorities. Timeliness is prioritised, with expedited processes and proactive tracking. Transparency is maintained throughout, keeping clients informed on the status of their clearance. Clarke Global Logistics’ expertise, attention to detail and commitment to seamless customs clearance make us a trusted choice when it comes to freight forwarding services.

Clarke Global Logistics offers a comprehensive range of freight forwarding services, capable of handling various types of goods, including general cargo, perishable items, hazardous materials, oversized and heavyweight cargo, as well as special project cargo and other shipments. (Read about our services here.)

With our expertise and resources, we ensure the safe and timely delivery of goods. We understand that each shipment is unique and provide customised solutions to meet specific requirements. Our dedicated team works closely with clients to determine the most efficient approach. So choose Clarke Global Logistics if you are looking for a professional, reliable and tailored freight forwarding company.

Requesting a quote for freight forwarding services from Clarke Global Logistics is a straightforward process. Visit our Contact Us page, where you can either fill out the form and let us contact you, or you can find our contact phone number. Be sure to let us know your preferred language.

Yes. Clarke Global Logistics provides insurance for freight forwarding services, with our underwriters based in Australia. We can offer per shipment or annual cover where the volume of your shipment justifies considering that option.

We understand the importance of protecting your cargo and offer marine cargo insurance to cover any physical damage or loss during domestic and international shipments. With our comprehensive coverage, you can have peace of mind knowing that your freight is safeguarded throughout the transportation process. Contact Clarke Global Logistics today to learn more about our insurance options and ensure the security of your valuable shipments.

Absolutely! Clarke Global Logistics is a trusted and capable provider of international freight forwarding services. With our extensive network of partners and agents worldwide, we have the expertise and resources to handle shipments to and from any corner of the globe. Whether it’s air, sea, or land transportation, we can effectively manage the complexities of cross-border logistics. Our team of professionals is well-versed in international customs regulations, documentation requirements and transportation modes, ensuring a seamless and efficient process for your international shipments.

Freight forwarding and logistics are distinct yet interconnected concepts in the supply chain. Freight forwarding primarily focuses on transporting goods from one location to another using various modes of transportation. In contrast, logistics encompasses a wider scope, including inventory management, warehousing, distribution and transportation.

As a leading freight forwarding company in Australia, we bring you a team of skilled professionals with years of collective experience. Contact us today to discuss your freight forwarding needs and take the first step towards efficient and reliable cargo management.
For any other questions you might have, see our general FAQs page.

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Fact Sheets & Forms

Fact Sheets & Forms

Your access point to important documentation and information to make your freight forwarding services smooth and seamless.

Case Studies

Case Studies

Clarke Global Logistics has helped many businesses and individuals tackle challenging or complex supply chain projects, most often involving two or more modes of transportation.



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Foreign Language Services

Foreign Language Services

Clarke Global Logistics specialises in international trade services, and we have recruited and trained our staff to converse in 8 languages.

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We have staff available who can speak Mandarin, Sinhala, Spanish and Italian. Please request special language services when you call. To allow us to respond to your enquiry promptly, please provide all required information. The field’s marked (required) are mandatory.


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    Established in 1917, Clarke Global Logistics is a reputable Australian Customs Broker and freight forwarder; offering a totally integrated trade service both locally and globally

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