Air Freight Forwarding Services

When time is critical, air freight is the fastest
way to get your goods where they need to be.

If your destination location is not easily accessible by sea or road transport, there is a vast network of destinations available to airlines allowing you to move your cargo almost anywhere in the world.

With a low amount of handling and tighter security measures at airports, freight by air is a highly secure option if you are concerned about your cargo being damaged or stolen. Also, tracking an air freight shipment is as easy as tracking any flight if you know the flight number, departure and ETA times. The added benefits of faster transport are also the reduction in packing, warehousing, storage and insurance costs.

At the minimum, air cargo can be consolidated by sharing space with other shippers on an aircraft, which is the most economical option, this includes full pallet loads or project air freight. Alternatively, if you have a large quantity of goods to be shipped quickly, a charter service can be booked.

Clarke Global Logistics handles all aspects of import and export air freight worldwide and domestically for a complete door to door service, including pick up and drop off to the door or airport. Our team can assist you with the route selection, airline requirements, customs clearance, biosecurity, and compliance documentation for your air freight shipment.

Services include:
  • Import air freight forwarding
  • Export air freight forwarding
  • International air freight forwarding including customs brokerage
  • Oversize airfreight forwarding
  • Aircraft charter services
  • Cross trade air shipments
  • Project air freight
  • Temperature controlled cargo
  • Dangerous goods
  • High value goods
  • Packaging and crating
  • 3PL, Warehousing & Storage
  • Tariff Advice
  • Cargo insurance quotes
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End-to-End, Tailored Air Freight Services

Utilising all airlines, to and from all the major airports worldwide, Clarke Global Logistics will ensure your cargo is transported in minimal time via the most economical flight paths.

With the added benefit of an established logistics network our highly experienced freight forwarding team will provide the most reliable and dynamic international air freight service for our clients.

Whatever your freight size, whether it’s a few cartons of plastic articles or several tonnes of heavy mining equipment, speak with our experienced freight forwarders and customs brokers to obtain the most competitive air freight rates or to start planning your air freight supply chain solution.

Why choose Clarke global


Established in 1917, Clarke Global Logistics is a reputable Australian Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder; offering a totally integrated trade service both locally and globally, encompassing international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, third party logistics and warehousing.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, the professional team of Clarke Global Logistics has acquired a wealth of collective knowledge in providing customised solutions to a wide array of industries, and is supported by industry trained transport, logistics and administration personnel.

Professional service based on a foundation of over 100 years in servicing importers and exporters.

One contact for all your global shipping and airfreight supply chain logistics.

Friendly and personalised service; We have built long-standing relationships with clients over many decades.

We facilitate the entire service – from freight forwarding to export logistics, Customs Clearance, transportation and warehousing storage.


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Frequently asked questions

Air freight forwarding is a service provided by Clarke Global Logistics that involves the transportation of goods via air. It works by coordinating and managing all aspects of the shipment, including choosing the route, booking the flights, handling biosecurity requirements, dealing with airline requirements, handling customs clearance and ensuring compliance documentation for your air freight is complete. We also use our well-established experience in air freight logistics to track your air cargo, so that timely delivery is ensured. Overall, our team of expert air freight forwarders handles all logistics to ensure your cargo reaches its destination efficiently and securely!

Using air freight services with Clarke Global Logistics offers several advantages. Firstly, it provides fast and efficient transportation of goods, ensuring quick delivery to your desired destination. Additionally, air freight allows for greater flexibility in terms of scheduling and handling time-sensitive shipments. It also enables global reach by connecting various countries and continents seamlessly.

Moreover, air freight transport services ensure the highest level of security for your cargo through rigorous safety measures implemented throughout the process, and a lower level of handling, where goods could potentially go astray (air-freight is particularly suitable for freight of high-value goods). It can also be an economical solution, as you can transport small-sized cargo that may not warrant being shipped, and/or share space with other shippers on an aircraft. Overall, choosing our air freight services guarantees reliable and expedited shipping solutions for your business needs.

To choose the right airline for your air freight shipment with Clarke Global Logistics, consider factors such as reliability, cost-effectiveness and global coverage. We have established partnerships with reputable airlines that meet strict industry standards. Our team will assess your specific requirements and recommend an airline that best suits your needs. Rest assured that our selection process prioritises safety, efficiency and timely delivery to ensure a seamless transportation experience for you. Trust Clarke Global Logistics to handle all aspects of choosing the right airline for your air freight transportation efficiently and effectively.

The documentation required for air freight customs clearance includes the commercial invoice, packing list, bill of lading or airway bill and any necessary permits or licences. (Clarke Global Logistics are experts in air cargo services and will advise you of all required documentation.)

At Clarke Global Logistics, we have a meticulous process for handling biosecurity requirements in air freight. Our team of experts is trained on international regulations and guidelines specific to air freight. We work closely with relevant authorities and agencies responsible for biosecurity measures at origin and destination airports. We carefully inspect all incoming cargo for contamination or non-compliance with standards. Additionally, we use advanced technology systems to monitor temperature-controlled environments during transit.

Yes, Clarke Global Logistics can handle oversized air freight shipments. Also, if you have a large quantity of goods requiring rapid shipment, a charter service can be arranged.

Yes, Clarke Global Logistics offers temperature-controlled cargo solutions for sensitive goods. We also ensure that goods are packaged appropriately for temperature control.

Dangerous goods can be shipped by air using Clarke Global Logistics. Our air cargo freight forwarders are adept at handling approvals, packaging and declarations for the safe transport of dangerous goods via air.

Yes, Clarke Global Logistics handles packaging and crating specifically tailored for air freight shipments. Depending on your goods, we can recommend the most appropriate packaging and crating to ensure your goods are well protected.

At Clarke Global Logistics, we prioritise the security and safety of high-value goods during air transportation. We achieve this through a variety of measures, including ensuring appropriate packaging and crating, using state-of-the-art tracking systems, utilising secure storage facilities, conducting thorough background checks on our employees, partnering with trusted airlines that adhere to strict security protocols and offering comprehensive insurance coverage for added protection.

There are several factors that can affect the cost of air freight. These include the distance travelled, the weight and dimensions of the cargo, the type of aircraft used, fuel prices, customs fees and duties, insurance costs, handling charges at airports or warehouses and packaging requirements for fragile items or hazardous materials. At Clarke Global Logistics, we take all these factors into consideration to provide you with accurate pricing for your air freight needs.

The arrival time for air freight can vary depending on several factors, including the origin and destination of the shipment, customs clearance processes at either end of the journey and unforeseen delays. However, at Clarke Global Logistics, we strive to maintain oversight of your goods and provide efficient and timely delivery of your air freight shipments. Contact us directly for specific information regarding your shipment’s estimated arrival time.

There are several types of air freight containers available for shipping goods. These include standard cargo containers, temperature-controlled containers and specialised containers such as flat racks and open tops. Each type is designed to meet specific requirements for transporting different types of cargo safely and efficiently by air. Whatever goods you plan to transport, we can recommend the most suitable container for your needs.

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Fact Sheets & Forms

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Case Studies

Case Studies

Clarke Global Logistics has helped many businesses and individuals tackle challenging or complex supply chain projects, most often involving two or more modes of transportation.



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Foreign Language Services

Foreign Language Services

Clarke Global Logistics specialises in international trade services, and we have recruited and trained our staff to converse in 8 languages.

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    Established in 1917, Clarke Global Logistics is a reputable Australian Customs Broker and freight forwarder; offering a totally integrated trade service both locally and globally.

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