At Clarke Global, the mental health and wellbeing of our team is of paramount importance.

This is reflected in our weekly team meetings, where the first agenda item is a segment on mental health and wellbeing, where helpful tips are shared to help understand the importance of good mental health. We give practical tools to help reduce worry and stress, improve focus, manage inner mind chatter and difficult emotions, which in turn creates an improved sense of wellbeing, performance and satisfaction at work, more fulfilling relationships, and a greater sense of purpose, connection and meaning in life.


We have designated every Thursday as “Wellbeing Thursday”, and all Clarke Global team members are invited to a meditation session where they can practice their mindfulness, become more present and increase their focus for the day ahead.


A healthy work/life balance is recognised as an important aspect of good mental health, as is the flexibility to work from home when required to help manage work and personal responsibilities. The COVID-19 pandemic has helped us realise that being present in an office 5 days a week is not always necessary, nor necessarily beneficial, particularly when long commutes are involved.

We understand that each of our lives are busy and important outside of work, and being able to use time more wisely is not only beneficial for our team, but for the company too.

We encourage you to ask any of our team members about our focus on good mental health and wellbeing, they will no doubt be able to share a tip or two with you!

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