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Sea freight provides a wider range of space options with
different pricing, depending on the shipping method chosen.

If you are considering sea freight as an option to transport your goods, you will find that in general sea freight forwarding is relatively lower in price than other modes of transport such as air freight, due to the space available, particularly where larger quantities of cargo or oversize and overweight freight is concerned. Sea freight provides a wider range of space options with different pricing, depending on the shipping method chosen.

To make this decision-making process easier and smarter, it is important that you speak to a well-established and reputable freight forwarder. Clarke Global Logistics has over a century of logistics experience and is backed by an established worldwide logistics network. Our highly experienced freight forwarding team can provide you with the most personalised and dynamic international sea freight service.

With consideration to such factors as your volume of cargo, the incoterm of the shipment, the port of origin, if and how much road transport is required, Clarke Global Logistics will present you with the optimum solution of vessel and transportation options in sea freight. These options include:

Shipping container size

Standard shipping containers come in lengths of 20ft (with up to 33.2 cubic meters capacity) or 40ft (with up to 67.7 cubic meters capacity), with other options (and capacities) for open top containers, flatrack and flatrack collapsible containers, refrigerated (reefer), hicube and platform containers. See our fact sheet of Container Specifications.

Services include:
  • Import sea freight forwarding
  • Export sea freight forwarding
  • International sea freight forwarding including customs brokerage
  • Coastal shipping
  • Oversize sea freight
  • Overweight sea freight
  • Cross trade shipments
  • Project Cargo shipments
  • Temperature controlled cargo
  • Dangerous goods
  • Pick and Pack
  • 3PL, Warehousing & Storage
  • Tariff Advice
  • Cargo insurance quotes
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Less than Container Load (LCL)

This type of shipment is suitable for smaller quantities of cargo and is where multiple smaller consignments are consolidated into one container. The container fee is shared with other importers on a pro-rata basis, based on the cubic square metres (CBM) of your shipment.


Full Container Load (FCL)

This is suitable for larger quantities of cargo up to a completely full standard container, belonging to one importer. If you have around 13-15 cubic meters of cargo, our freight forwarding team can provide a comparison cost between FCL and LCL shipping. FCL’s can be transported over the entire sea and land journey without the need to be opened.


Oversize or overweight freight

Also referred to as Out of Gauge (OOG) cargo. For cargo that doesn’t fit into a standard sea container, there are special vessels that are designed to carry:

Breakbulk (LOLO) cargo

Also referred to as lift-on/lift-off cargo, these items are brought to the quay next to the vessels and then loaded on and off by crane as individual units, or in bags, boxes, crates, drums, pallets or barrels. Break bulk cargo usually includes goods such as equipment used in construction, automotive and oil and gas sectors as well as infrastructure machinery, off-shore components, steel slab, steel coil, beams, timber packs, cars, trucks and yachts. Break bulk rates are typically more commercially cost-effective when compared to the cost and time required in disassembling, packing, shipping, unpacking and re-assembly of oversize and overweight cargo.

Roll on / Roll off (RORO) cargo

Refers to wheeled cargo that can be rolled on and off the vessels on their own wheels or using a platform vehicle. For example, cars, trucks, semi-trailer trucks, trailers and railroad cars. This type of shipment has the same advantage as break bulk cargo in that it is more cost effective than disassembling, packing, shipping, unpacking and re-assembling oversize and overweight cargo.

For containerised transport solutions, special project cargo, roll on / roll off and heavy lift cargo services, speak with the experienced freight forwarders at Clarke Global Logistics to obtain advice on the most optimal method of moving your goods.

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Established in 1917, Clarke Global Logistics is a reputable Australian Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder; offering a totally integrated trade service both locally and globally, encompassing international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, third party logistics and warehousing.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, the professional team of Clarke Global Logistics has acquired a wealth of collective knowledge in providing customised solutions to a wide array of industries, and is supported by industry trained transport, logistics and administration personnel.

Professional service based on a foundation of over 100 years in servicing importers and exporters.

One contact for all your global shipping and airfreight supply chain logistics.

Friendly and personalised service; We have built long-standing relationships with clients over many decades.

We facilitate the entire service – from freight forwarding to export logistics, Customs Clearance, transportation and warehousing storage.


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Frequently asked questions

International sea freight shipping involves transporting goods over the ocean between countries in containers on large ships. Items are first prepared and packaged for transport, then loaded onto containers, which are placed onto ships at ports or terminals. The ship then carries the goods to the destination port, where the cargo is unloaded and cleared by customs before being delivered to its final location. Most often, an ocean freight forwarder (like Clarke Global Logistics) will handle the sea freight cargo logistics, as it can be quite a complex task.

Sea freight offers the following advantages for transporting goods:

  • Sea freight shipping services can be a cost-effective option, especially for large or heavy shipments.
  • Sea freight has the capacity to handle high volumes of cargo efficiently.
  • Sea freight cargo can often be larger in size than that which can be carried via air or road, so it is perfect for oversized and overweight goods.
  • Sea transport provides access to global trade routes and allows for the transportation of goods to remote locations.
  • Sea cargo services are known for their reliability and for the safety measures put in place to protect the shipment during transit.
  • Using sea freight can be a more environmentally friendly mode of transportation than air or road, as it produces comparatively lower carbon emissions.

The length of time sea freight shipping takes depends on a number of factors, including how far the goods are travelling, the particular port the goods are travelling to and what the standard clearance times are within the destination port. For an estimate of how long your goods will take to reach their destination via sea freight shipping, contact Clarke Global Logistics.

To choose the right shipping container size for your cargo, consider the dimensions and weight of your goods. Measurements must be accurate so that the right size of the container can be chosen. If you aren’t sure, consult with our experienced team at Clarke Global Logistics, who can provide expert guidance based on their extensive knowledge in this field.

Yes, Clarke Global Logistics is fully equipped to handle oversized and overweight sea freight shipments.

FCL (Full Container Load) shipping refers to a mode of transportation where an entire container is utilised by one shipper for their cargo. It is suitable when the shipper has enough goods to fill a whole container, ensuring maximum space utilisation and cost efficiency.

(The alternative to this is when you need to ship Less than a Container Load (LCL), in which case, your goods share a container with other cargo.)

At Clarke Global Logistics, we offer sea freight services for a wide range of special cargo. This includes but is not limited to oversized and heavy items, perishable goods, hazardous materials, vehicles and machinery. Our experienced team ensures safe handling and efficient transport for all types of special cargo via sea freight.

RORO shipping is a method used for transporting vehicles and other wheeled cargo. The process involves the vehicles being driven onto a specialised vessel called a RORO ship, where they are securely stored and transported to their destination. This type of shipping eliminates the need for cranes or lifting equipment, as the vehicles can simply roll on and off the ship using ramps. The other advantage is that there is no requirement to disassemble and reassemble cargo in order to ship it. This makes it an efficient and cost-effective way to transport large quantities of wheeled cargo internationally.

Clarke Global Logistics offers a comprehensive range of services for sea freight, including customs clearance and biosecurity requirements. Our team is experienced in handling all aspects of the shipping process to ensure smooth and efficient operations. With our expertise, we can assist with navigating through customs procedures and ensuring compliance with biosecurity regulations. Trust us to handle your sea freight needs confidently and reliably.

The documentation requirements for sea freight with Clarke Global Logistics include a bill of lading, commercial invoice, packing list and any necessary permits or licences. These documents are essential for customs clearance and ensuring the smooth transportation of your goods by sea.

Whilst no form of goods transport is entirely environmentally friendly, sea freight is considered to be a more eco-friendly mode of transportation than air or road transport, due to its lower carbon emissions. The level of emissions can depend on the age of the ship, on the grade of fuel it uses and on what systems it uses to filter emissions. (More modern ships tend to be more eco-friendly.) Carbon emissions are not the only factor at play, however. For more information on which mode of transport has the higher carbon footprint, see a comparison here.

Yes, Clarke Global Logistics can provide warehousing and storage solutions for sea freight shipments. Contact us to find out what solutions are available for storing your cargo.

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    Established in 1917, Clarke Global Logistics is a reputable Australian Customs Broker and freight forwarder; offering a totally integrated trade service both locally and globally

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