Importers: a tariff audit could entitle you to massive refunds!

By Margaret Bux
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Did you know that with the right expertise, there are services available that can not only enable you minimise customs duties where possible, but reclaim back duties that have been overpaid.

  • Customs Tariff Consultancy services can provide ongoing checks by looking closely at a client’s business and products to insure all imports are correctly classified and duties minimised, enabling their business to remain competitive with their industry.
  • Customs Tariff Audit services analyse previous customs entries to see if goods have been classified incorrectly, which can result in overpaid customs duties.

Under Australian Customs regulations, overpaid duty can be refunded within four years of importation.  Likewise underpayment can result in heavy penalties if found by Australian Customs.

There are a growing number of Free Trade Agreements (FTA’s) which eliminate duty for qualifying items. Also if duty has been paid on items due to a number of reasons including negligence or situations where a Free Trade Certificate was not made available at the time of importation, then a Free Trade Certificate can be requested within 12 months of the date of exportation from the overseas country.   By doing so, you will then avail your business to a potential refund should your product meet the correct criteria.

Recently, Jason Kline, Managing Director at Clarke Global Logistics was able to provide a fantastic result during a Customs Audit for an importer with Customs refunds totalling approximately $400,000.  This was for imports over a four year period, gained by identifying both existing Tariff Concessions and goods imported from free trade countries.   These situations are common when there are multiple customs brokers and freight forwarders used by importers causing different interpretations of tariff classifications between service providers and FTA’s not being followed up after importation.

Clarke Global understands the complexities involved with providing Customs Clearance in a fast paced global climate.  They have both experienced & expert staff with extensive knowledge of both Customs Tariff and Customs related issues.  Why not provide your business with a health check to benefit from this extensive knowledge?

Please contact Clarke Global today on 9854 3000 or send an email to if you are interested in an initial free consultation to provide a preliminary check of your prior importations.  What do you have to lose?

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