Import and Export Services in Australia

With a team of licensed customs brokers, transportation professionals and freight forwarders, Clarke Global will ensure your import and export logistics, freight shipping, and customs requirements are processed in a timely and correct manner.

As a licensed customs broker, we can save you time, money and any hassle associated with border force, quarantine clearances and supply logistics. Clarke Global Logistics takes the time to speak with you directly and will handle the preparation of documents, calculate payments and facilitate all correspondence between yourself and the appropriate government authorities.

Clarke Global is accredited by the Australian Border Force (formerly Australian Customs Service), licensed by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry (formerly Australian Quarantine Inspection Service) and is a member of the Freight & Trade Alliance, Australia’s leading representative body for the international supply chain sector.

In addition, Clarke Global Logistics is conferred with ongoing Australian Trusted Trader status by the Australian Border Force. This means that it has been assessed, inspected and recognised as an international trading business with a secure supply chain and compliant trade practices. For clients, both import and export, of Clarke Global Logistics, this means we can enjoy a higher level of access and contact with Australian Border Force as well as faster turnaround time with border force decisions than we have had previously.



Importing to Australia

Importing goods into Australia is a great way to expand your product offering or to obtain parts if you cannot find a local manufacturer. If you are bringing goods into Australia, they must be cleared by the Australian Border Force and may be subject to clearance fees, customs duty, Goods and Services Tax and other taxes. It is vitally important to be aware of the regulations, costs and any risks or challenges that may be involved, which may seem daunting but with the right help, it can be a smooth and worry-free service that avoids extra costs.

Forming a good relationship with a reputable customs broker with a proven track record as a trusted freight forwarder is a great start. Their extensive experience and expertise will enable creative solutions to be found for common importing problems that you may come across.
As a leading customs broker and freight forwarder in Australia, Clarke Global Logistics can meet all your freight forwarding requirements when importing goods into Australia. With highly experienced import and freight logistics staff, we offer you a personalised service to ensure an efficient and worry-free movement of cargo for all clients. We can arrange a complete door-to-door pick-up and delivery service around the world. If required, we can conduct full Tariff Audits to ensure you are meeting your obligations and achieving the most cost-effective import logistics.

Import & Export Services:

From the moment a purchase order is received, Clarke Global Logistics will:

  • monitor the availability of the order from the shipper;
  • arrange pick-up and export country customs clearance;
  • co-ordinate air or sea freight;
  • arrange Australian Border Force clearance, including payment of government duties and taxes;
  • facilitate customs tariff consultancy and customs tariff audits if required;
  • arrange to unpack and deliver direct to your destination, or provide warehouse storage facilities where required.


All shipments are monitored at each and every stage of their journey. The close working relationship Clarke Global Logistics has with our wide coverage of international shipping agents allows our company to control all freight movements and shipping to Australia from the time the order is placed – keeping clients well informed of shipment status.


Exporting from Australia

Clients exporting goods from Australia to international destinations can be assured Clarke Global Logistics’ local team and partner companies can be trusted to facilitate international customs requirements, export documentation, export compliance, banking compliance as well as manage storage and distribution requirements.
We provide clear and timely communication throughout the export process and ensure your products arrive safely at their final destination.
To see how your import and export business can benefit from a secure and efficient customs broking and freight forwarding service, contact the highly experienced and qualified team at Clarke Global Logistics for expert advice.


Experiencing change in your Supply Chain Operations?

If you are shipping significant volumes or you find that your business has grown to the point that you would require a fleet of transport vehicles and storage facilities to distribute your imported goods, it may be worth your consideration to invite relevant service providers to tender for the provision of import or freight contract services.


Expert advice for importing to Australia

To obtain the most competitive sea and air freight rates, speak with our experienced freight forwarders and Customs Brokers.

Why choose Clarke global


Established in 1917, Clarke Global Logistics is a reputable Australian Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder; offering a totally integrated trade service both locally and globally, encompassing international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, third party logistics and warehousing.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, the professional team of Clarke Global Logistics has acquired a wealth of collective knowledge in providing customised solutions to a wide array of industries, and is supported by industry trained transport, logistics and administration personnel.

Professional service based on a foundation of over 100 years in servicing importers and exporters.

One contact for all your global shipping and airfreight supply chain logistics.

Friendly and personalised service; We have built long-standing relationships with clients over many decades.

We facilitate the entire service – from freight forwarding to export logistics, Customs Clearance, transportation and warehousing storage.


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Frequently asked questions

Clarke Global Logistics can provide comprehensive assistance with customs clearance for import and export logistics. Our team of experts is well-versed in the intricacies of customs regulations and procedures, ensuring a smooth and efficient process for our clients. We handle all necessary documentation, calculate payments, communicate with customs authorities on your behalf and navigate any potential challenges that may arise during clearance. Trust us to streamline your import and export operations while maintaining compliance with all relevant customs’ requirements.

To import goods into Australia and clear them with the Australian Border Force, a specific process must be followed. The first step is to submit an Import Declaration through the Integrated Cargo System (ICS) or at an Australian Border Force counter. Alternatively, you can hire a licensed customs broker like Clarke Global Logistics.

Required documents such as commercial invoices, packing lists and bills of lading need to accurately describe the imported goods. Once submitted electronically via ICS or through a customs broker’s system, the submission will be assessed for compliance by the Australian Border Force.

Duties/taxes should also be paid correctly before clearing Customs and proceeding for physical examination if necessary. Certain items may require additional permits or licences from other government agencies, depending on their nature. At Clarke Global Logistics, our experienced team can efficiently navigate this complex process while ensuring compliance with all regulations when importing goods into Australia.

Yes, as part of our import and export services, Clarke Global Logistics offers door-to-door pick-up and delivery services. This service removes the effort on your part and is a significant advantage of partnering with an import-export company. We can also arrange unpacking and direct delivery to your destination or provide warehouse storage facilities if needed.

Clarke Global Logistics ensures timely and secure transportation of shipments through a combination of advanced technology, rigorous processes and experienced professionals. Our state-of-the-art tracking system allows us to monitor the progress of each shipment in real time, ensuring that it reaches its destination on time. We also prioritise security by implementing strict protocols throughout the entire transportation process, including comprehensive background checks for all personnel involved. In addition, Clarke Global Logistics holds Australian Trusted Trader status, obtained through assessment and recognition by the Australian Border Force as a secure international trading entity. When an import export agency has this status, it means that clients have improved access to the Australian Border Force and faster decision turnaround times.

With our extensive network of trusted partners and carriers worldwide, you can trust Clarke Global Logistics to deliver your shipments safely and promptly.

Yes, Clarke Global Logistics can provide assistance with international customs requirements and export documentation. When exporting goods from Australia to international markets, you can rely on Clarke Global Logistics and our trusted network of local teams and partner companies to streamline the entire customs process. We handle international customs requirements, import and export documentation, compliance with export and banking regulations and efficient storage and distribution. For a secure and efficient customs broking and freight forwarding service that can benefit your import and export business, reach out to the seasoned export agents at Clarke Global Logistics for guidance.

Clarke Global Logistics has been serving importers and exporters since 1917. With over a century of experience, we have established ourselves as a reputable customs broker and freight forwarder in Australia.

Clarke Global also holds accreditation from the Australian Border Force (previously known as the Australian Customs Service), is licensed by the Department of Agriculture, Fisheries & Forestry (formerly the Australian Quarantine Inspection Service), and is a proud member of the Freight & Trade Alliance, the premier representative organisation for Australia’s international supply chain sector.

Furthermore, Clarke Global Logistics proudly maintains its Australian Trusted Trader status, a recognition bestowed by the Australian Border Force following a comprehensive assessment and inspection process. This status confirms our standing as an international trading entity with a secure supply chain and adherence to compliant trade practices.

As seasoned import export agents, we understand the importance of goods arriving in their original condition, so we prioritise the safety of your goods during transit. To ensure security, we employ various measures, such as using reliable packaging materials and advanced tracking systems. Our experienced team also conducts regular inspections to identify any potential risks or vulnerabilities in the transportation process. Additionally, we partner with trusted carriers who adhere to strict safety protocols and have a proven track record of delivering goods securely.

Environmental regulations for importing and exporting goods vary depending on the country of origin and destination. It’s important to comply with all applicable laws, such as those related to hazardous materials, waste disposal and emissions control. Clarke Global Logistics ensures that clients are informed about these regulations and assists in navigating them effectively.

Import duties and taxes for importing goods into Australia vary depending on the type and quantity of product being imported. Consult with a customs broker or refer to the Australian Border Force website for accurate information regarding specific duty rates and tax requirements.

To obtain an import permit, identify the relevant regulatory authority, review their requirements, complete the application and submit it with the necessary documents and fees. Once submitted, await approval and ensure compliance with permit conditions and regulations. Alternatively, get Clarke Global Logistics to assist. As experienced import agents in Australia, we can walk you through this process.

The documentation requirements for importing and exporting goods with Clarke Global Logistics include providing a commercial invoice, packing list, packing declaration, bill of lading or airway bill, Certificate of Origin (if claiming duty concessions) and any necessary permits or licences. The documents required will vary depending on the method of transport used to forward your freight (sea, air and so on). Additional customs declarations and clearance forms may be required depending on the destination country’s regulations. It’s important to ensure all documents are accurate and complete to facilitate smooth import/export processes.

Some risks involved in importing and exporting goods include potential damage or loss of goods during transit, delays in customs clearance, fluctuating exchange rates that may impact pricing, compliance with import/export regulations and tariffs imposed by different countries and import/export bans to certain countries imposed for political reasons.

To reduce costs on import and export services, we suggest these strategies:

  1. Combine shipments to benefit from lower transportation costs.
  2. Pack goods efficiently to minimise wasted space and save on shipping fees.
  3. Opt for cost-effective routes based on your needs (with our guidance).
  4. Utilise our network of reliable carriers worldwide for competitive rates.
  5. Use advanced logistics software for real-time tracking and monitoring, avoiding delays or extra charges.

By implementing these measures, alongside taking advantage of our expertise, you can achieve significant savings while maintaining service quality.

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Foreign Language Services

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    Established in 1917, Clarke Global Logistics is a reputable Australian Customs Broker and freight forwarder; offering a totally integrated trade service both locally and globally

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