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Clarke Global Logistics

is proud to extend its freight forwarding excellence to Fremantle, a key player in Australia’s maritime logistics. Specialising in tailored shipping and logistics solutions, our presence in Fremantle underscores our dedication to facilitating your business’s engagement with global markets through effective and efficient freight forwarding services.


Why Choose Clarke Global Logistics in Fremantle?

  1. Specialised Knowledge of Fremantle Port Operations:

Our Fremantle operations are deeply integrated with the unique dynamics of the Port of Fremantle. This expertise allows us to offer unparalleled advice and services tailored to navigate the specific challenges and opportunities presented by Fremantle’s maritime gateway.

  1. Strategic Location for Diverse Maritime Services:

The Port of Fremantle stands as a critical hub for international trade in Western Australia, offering direct access to the Indian Ocean and beyond. Our strategic location enables us to efficiently manage both containerised and bulk shipments, catering to a wide range of industries.

  1. Customs Clearance Expertise in Fremantle:

Leveraging our profound understanding of local customs regulations, our team ensures your shipments are cleared smoothly through Fremantle’s port. We handle all aspects of customs clearance, from documentation to compliance, ensuring a hassle-free process.

  1. Bespoke Logistics Solutions:

Understanding that each business has distinct needs, we offer customised logistics solutions. Whether it’s bulk commodities or specialised cargo, we design our services to optimise your supply chain, ensuring cost-effectiveness and timely delivery.

  1. Advanced Tracking and Reporting:

Our commitment to transparency is reflected in our advanced tracking systems, offering you real-time visibility into your shipments. This technology ensures you’re always informed about your cargo’s status, from its departure in Fremantle to its arrival at the destination.

  1. Exceptional Customer Support:

Our dedicated team in Fremantle is committed to providing outstanding customer service. We understand the importance of prompt and efficient communication in logistics and are always ready to assist with your inquiries and provide solutions tailored to your needs.

If you have any queries regarding our Fremantle services, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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