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Are you a business looking to upscale without the need to buy, rent or maintain your own warehouse, with the associated costs of labour, equipment and logistics technologies? Or are you an ecommerce business that has experienced rapid growth, but need to offer fast and affordable shipping to compete? It may be time to consider outsourcing the logistics processes of inventory management, warehousing and order fulfilment to a third-party, known as a third-party logistics (3PL) provider.

Clarke Global Logistics can handle the entire 3PL supply chain, including picking and packing, warehouse storage, as well as transport and shipping services for full container load (FCL) containers, tanks, less than container loads (LCL) for both general and dangerous goods on your behalf.

Whether you require long or short term warehousing, pick-and-pack, and/or distribution to local, country, interstate areas or international locations, Clarke Global Logistics can provide you with a complete third party logistics (3PL) package, utilising our conveniently located Melbourne warehouse, or through our partner network of custom 3PL providers. Ultimately enabling our customers to grow their business in other regions while helping them to decrease the cost of shipping and transit time of orders.

With over 100 years of experience, Clarke Global Logistics has assisted businesses of all sizes to streamline their freight logistics, warehousing and distribution by providing personal and customised solutions to a wide array of industries.

This includes:
  • Wharf pick up and un-pack;
  • Storage and warehousing of FCL containers and LCL cargo;
  • Transport and distribution of containers and LCL loads (ie. carton / pallet) to all local, interstate and international locations;
  • Warehousing management.

Warehousing without worry

Please contact us to discuss the best methods of handling import warehousing and export warehousing requirements on your behalf.

Why choose Clarke global


Established in 1917, Clarke Global Logistics is a reputable Australian Customs Broker and Freight Forwarder; offering a totally integrated trade service both locally and globally, encompassing international freight forwarding, customs brokerage, third party logistics and warehousing.

Located in Melbourne, Australia, the professional team of Clarke Global Logistics has acquired a wealth of collective knowledge in providing customised solutions to a wide array of industries, and is supported by industry trained transport, logistics and administration personnel.

Professional service based on a foundation of over 100 years in servicing importers and exporters.

One contact for all your global shipping and airfreight supply chain logistics.

Friendly and personalised service; We have built long-standing relationships with clients over many decades.

We facilitate the entire service – from freight forwarding to export logistics, Customs Clearance, transportation and warehousing storage.


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Frequently asked questions

A 3PL logistics company, or third-party logistics provider, is a firm that offers outsourced logistics and supply chain management services to businesses. These services can include transportation, warehousing, distribution, order fulfilment, and other logistics-related functions.

The cost of 3PL services can vary based on factors such as the scope of services, volume of goods, geographic locations, and the specific requirements of the business. Costs may include transportation fees, warehousing charges, order fulfilment costs, and other service-related expenses.

Numerous companies provide 3PL services in Australia, ranging from global logistics giants to local service providers. Well-known 3PL providers in Australia include DHL Supply Chain, Toll Group, Linfox, and many others.

The three main types of 3PL providers are:

  • Asset-Based 3PL: Owns and operates its own transportation and warehouse assets.
  • Non-Asset Based 3PL: Does not own transportation or warehouse assets but manages the logistics process using subcontracted services.
  • Integrated 3PL: Offers a comprehensive range of logistics services, including both transportation and warehousing, and may have some owned assets.

A third-party logistics company manages various aspects of the supply chain on behalf of its clients. This can include transportation, warehousing, order fulfilment, inventory management, and other logistics-related services. The goal is to improve efficiency, reduce costs, and enhance overall supply chain performance.

A warehouse is a facility for storing goods, while a 3PL is a comprehensive logistics service provider that may include warehousing among its services. While a warehouse is a physical location for storing products, a 3PL offers a broader range of services, such as transportation, inventory management, and order fulfilment.

To find third-party logistics providers in Australia, you can:

  • Conduct online research to identify reputable 3PL companies.
  • Seek recommendations from industry peers or business networks.
  • Attend trade shows and logistics events to connect with potential 3PL partners.
  • Utilise business directories and logistics association listings.
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Fact Sheets & Forms

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Case Studies

Clarke Global Logistics has helped many businesses and individuals tackle challenging or complex supply chain projects, most often involving two or more modes of transportation.



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Foreign Language Services

Foreign Language Services

Clarke Global Logistics specialises in international trade services, and we have recruited and trained our staff to converse in 8 languages.

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We have staff available who can speak Mandarin, Sinhala, Spanish and Italian. Please request special language services when you call. To allow us to respond to your enquiry promptly, please provide all required information. The field’s marked (required) are mandatory.


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    Established in 1917, Clarke Global Logistics is a reputable Australian Customs Broker and freight forwarder; offering a totally integrated trade service both locally and globally

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