China accounts for 22% of the value of Australia’s 2013 imports

By Margaret Bux
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Australia’s top three import sources accounted for 38.8% of the $21,784m worth of international trade goods received in November 2013, with China sending almost a quarter followed by the US at 9.5% and Japan at 7.3%, according to recent data from the Australian Bureau of Statistics (ABS).

Specific trends in the value from countries of origin to Australian states and territories were revealed in the latest bulletin of International Merchandise Imports, Australia from the ABS.

Australia imported $4785m worth of goods from China in November 2013, a 2.7% increase from $4660m in October. NSW claimed the lions share with nearly half, followed by Victoria at just over a quarter and Queensland at 12% as the top three destinations.

The value of US trade goods fell 11.5% in November at $2071m, from $2340m in October and NSW claimed 39.5%, followed by Victoria at 29% and Queensland at 17.7%. Japan accounted for $1590m worth of trade goods in November, dropping 4.7% from $1668m in October – NSW snagged 32.6%, Queensland took 29% and Victoria claimed 21%.

The import value of trade goods from Singapore increased 1.5% in November at $1148m, from $1131m in October. Western Australia led the charge receiving 38%, NSW took a quarter of the goods, then Victoria at 14.6%. Australia imported $1030m worth of trade from Germany in November, a 3.4% fall from $1066m in October. NSW claimed 42.6%, followed by Victoria at 31% and Queensland at 17.7%.


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