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By Margaret Bux
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I searched for a while in Australia to find a shipper that was even interested in shiping my bike to the middle east, particularly as I wanted to send it by air.

I finally came across Clarke Global, who turned out to be great  Importnatly, as I was transporting by air, they use airlines that designate bikes as Non-DG or ‘non-dangerous goods’, which pretty much halved the price from the other quotes I got.

Shipping by air didn’t cost that much more – well, perhaps about double sending by sea.  But the advantages are it only takes a couple of days as compared to two months – and there are fewer risks of damage to the bike.

I’d also heard some real horror stories about getting clearance at the port in Aqaba, like taking several months to get cleared – and because I wanted it sooner.

There was a minor issue in KL when the bike was switched from Malaysian Air to Royal Jordanian.  Once they heard about it, they got on to both companies and sorted in a day.

Once the bike hit Jordan, it was more complicated than I thought it might be – for example, I’d heard you don’t need a Passage d’Carnet in Jordan.  If you ship it in by air, you do need one.  But it can be easily sorted here…if you (or your clearance company) know the right people.

I was stoked with Clarke Global performace and professionalism – I’d definatly use them again.


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