Singapore Port Congestion

By Margaret Bux
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The situation at the Port of Singapore is worsening with transhipment turnaround times of up to 6 weeks, a massive increase from the normal two-day turnaround.  There is congestion at the port with feeder vessels waiting for mainline vessel connections.  The mainline vessels coming in have been overbooked, severely holding up the containers for transhipment. This is resulting in extremely delayed shipping times for containers passing through this port.

A number of factors have contributed to the situation, including a pick-up in trade activity as coronavirus-related challenges start to ease, bottlenecks across the supply chain (depots, warehouses and seaports) due to renewed lockdowns and a severe lack of empty containers while full containers are held up in supply chain. 

To assist in moving cargo through the supply chain, Singapore terminal operators are increasing value added services for priority discharge, top stowage and express delivery for time-critical cargo as well as enhanced tracking and data visibility. 

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