Ships ex China delayed due to Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB)

By Margaret Bux
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Importers are urged to be vigilant with import regulations and ensure that all goods presented for shipping are compliant, after reports that a number of vessels with cargo originating from China, Japan and Korea have been delayed due to Brown Marmorated Stink Bug (BMSB) detections.

It was reported by car and truck carrier, Armacup, that their RORO vessel M.V. Triumph, Voyage 1820 is currently sitting at an outer anchorage in Brisbane, pending Department of Agriculture and Water Resources (DAWR) final decision, after BMSB plus other exotic stink bugs were detected when the vessel was subject to heightened vessel surveillance/inspection by DAWR.  Fogging (synthetic pyrethroid) treatment of the vessel has taken place with subsequent further detection of live bugs found throughout the vessel.  Next steps are pending the provision of a treatment plan by the shipper which will need to be approved by DAWR, otherwise it will be redirected for export from Australia.

Shipper Wallenius Wilhelmsen Ocean has also reported that MV Titus Voyage C0836, due to arrive at Perth on 5th November has been delayed as it was found to have live stink bugs during a routine inspection on board.  An inspection was subsequently completed by DAWR on 7th November.  The vessel is currently at an outer anchorage and will undertake fogging whilst awaiting results and further instructions.

Live stink bugs were also found on another Armacup vessel in Yokohoma, Lake Como V1862, which is currently undergoing a second round of fogging.  With the multiple findings, Armacup believe the stink bug problem in China has escalated, and think that mandatory pre-export measures will be implemented by DAWR/MPI for China in the very near future.  In the meantime, Armacup is applying the same requirements for China cargoes, as is already in place for BMSB listed countries and is working on the possibility of establishing treatment facilities within the port areas to further assist the trade.

Please refer to Clarke Global’s previous article for the list of BMSB countries, import regulations and treatment measures for the current stink bug season 2018/2019 here.

The BMSB has the ability to severely damage agricultural crops and significantly impact import trade in Australia.  The stink bug gets its name from the pungent odour it emits when it is threatened or crushed.  Native to China, Korea and Japan, it has found its way across the globe through international trade on cargos and vessels.  In addition to the devastating effect on crops, it can infest homes and ruin gardens, not to mention cause allergic responses in some individuals.  Therefore compliance with Australian import regulations is of ultimate importance for importers, for whom this responsibility sits with, while the presentation of clean cargo at the port of loading is the responsibility of the shipper.

We encourage our importers to continue to liaise with their other supply chain partners, including the team at Clarke Global Logistics.  Do not hesitate to contact us on 9854 3000 or send an email to if you are unsure about how your import goods may be affected.

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