Patrick Terminals: Infrastructure Surcharge and Ancillary Charges, effective 10 July 2017

By Margaret Bux
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From 10 July 2017, Patrick will introduce an infrastructure surcharge at the Sydney and Fremantle Terminals and well as increase the existing infrastructure surcharge at Melbourne and Brisbane.

The surcharges take into account increasing rental, land tax and council rates that have not been able to be absorbed in the current market conditions and as well as the effects of port privatisations.  Also, the investment cost of infrastructure maintenance relating to landside interface operations that has resulted in significant efficiency improvements has not to date (since 2015) been passed on to customers.

The new and increased rates will be charged to both road and rail transport operators for all full container movements, both import and export made at the terminals.

The surcharge rates are as follows:

  • Sydney: $25.45 per laden container plus GST
  • Fremantle: $4.76 per laden container plus GST
  • Fisherman Islands: $32.55 per laden container plus GST
  • East Swanson Dock: $32 per laden container plus GST

To find out how the surcharges will be applied to customers, see the Letter to Customers and the relevant Terminal for infrastructure fee details at

Credit terms will also be extended to all Patrick 1-Stop charges from 7 to 30 days for all customers to assist with integrating the new charges.

In addition, Patrick will also increase all Ancillary Charges for Yard Handling at Wharf Import Storage from 10 July 2017, due to increased labour and energy costs.  The new rates are published on their website via the link above.

If you have any questions about the movement or storage costs of your container at these terminals, please don’t hesitate to contact the team at Clarke Global on 9854 3000 or email

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