How to import a caravan into Australia

By Margaret Bux
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The team at Clarke Global are often asked to facilitate the import of caravans to Australia to individuals or to a distributor/seller.  Their customs clearance and import logistics experience in this area has provided them with a track record in hassle free shipping, avoiding unnecessary costs at the ports of exit and destination.

One of the most important aspects to costing the import of a caravan is accurate information such as the dimensions of the caravan (length, width and height) and whether the overseas seller will offer delivery of the caravan to the exit port for loading, otherwise Clarke Global can arrange collection.

How the caravan will be shipped depends on its size, smaller units are containerised and larger ones are shipped on flat racks.  Roll on, roll off is available for caravans of any size, though mostly for very large units and the cost is calculated on the dimensions.

There are various regulations that the import of caravans need to adhere to, Australian Quarantine being the strictest of them all, even internationally.  Clarke Global can arrange, if required, the cleaning of the caravan prior to shipment.  Used units may also require further cleaning after arrival and inspection, although to conduct this process in Australia is more costly than if the unit was properly handled and cleaned at the point of origin.  See for further detail.

The Department of Environment Australia also has strict regulations in relation to the import of any vehicle including caravans, so further information will need to be provided as to whether the caravan has air conditioning, refrigeration or gas bottles.  You may need to factor in the cost of a gas compliance certificate.   Further details are at

Prior to arrival in Australia, the Department of Infrastructure and Regional Development requires an import approval form for caravans to be completed and approved.  For an online application form see

Upon arrival of your caravan in Australia, there will be some fees that are applicable, such as port charges, customs clearance, unpacking of the container for Quarantine inspection, AQIS fees, import tax and duty.  After successful inspection of your caravan, it can be collected from the wharf, otherwise it will be sent for further cleaning to a depot, from where it can be collected afterwards.

Other costs that may need to be considered include registration of the caravan in order to be able to drive it from the depot and a roadworthy certificate.

The specialist team at Clarke Global Logistics has a broad range of experience and expertise in importing caravans to Australia with the aim always of minimizing and avoiding unnecessary costs at every step of the way.

To see how they can cost-effectively assist you with the smooth and hassle-free import of your caravan, please contact the team on 9854 3000 or email for a free quote. You can assist by providing the following information:

  • Your name, email and phone/mobile contact;
  • The import city of origin and Australian city of destination;
  • The length, width and height dimensions of the caravan which is important for accurate costing (you may need to do an internet search on the make and model to obtain dimensions).

Recent testimonials

4th June, 2015
Tom and Bashar

My partner and I decided to import a caravan recently from the UK. Finding a local agent to facilitate the process can be a daunting task.  However, we were very lucky to have used Clarke Global after they were highly recommended to us. The team at Clarke Global were very professional, the quote was clear and itemised and the communication was brilliant.  We were kept informed throughout the whole process and we received our caravan on time and without any hassles or complications.

Thank you very much Clarke Global team and especially Assunta and Martin for your assistance. It was a pleasure dealing with you and I would definitely be recommending your services to anyone that asks.

28th May 2015
Katy, from Marple Lodge

We had dealings with Clarke Global as our import people to import caravans from the UK.  From the first phone call they knew what they were talking about and were very helpful. We discussed costs and their fees.  As I did look at another company they were a fairer price so we used them.  They kept us up to date all the way and told us what they needed etc.  I was very happy with everything and would use them again as our friends have asked how they can do the same thing.  

26th May 2015
Ian and Gwen Henderson from Sunshine Coast, Qld

My wife and I imported our new caravan from the U.K. We had never done anything like this before and found Clark Global to be a great help and made the whole process so easy for us.   

20th May 2015
Denis Pickwell from Brisbane

I recently imported a caravan from the UK and asked if they could recommend a customs agent. Clarke Global was nominated. When I got in touch with them (interstate) they replied promptly and checked that I had, or would have, the necessary documentation. They kept me informed as to the ship movements and estimated arrival date. They replied promptly to all my queries and arranged for the unpacking of the caravan from its container, inspection by Dept. of Agriculture, Customs clearance and port handling. Apart from paying their account (their fees seemed reasonable to me) which included a detailed list of all charges (which they took care of) all I had to do was go to their Brisbane depot and pick up the caravan. The caravan was in excellent condition. I can recommend their service and would use them again should I have need of a Customs Agent. 

11th February 2015
Robin from Brisbane

[How did you go with the pick-up of your caravan? – CGL staff]

Someone kindly did it for me!  THANK you all for everything! You guys were brilliant. 

25th November, 2014
David and Helen

Thanks Martin for your assistance in the speedy delivery of our Caravan. A special thanks to Assunta for her courteous and efficient manner in which she helped us with a few small problems we had.  Once again thankyou … I will have no hesitation in recommending your company to anyone wishing to import and in need of a Customs Agent.


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