Anti-dumping commission

By Margaret Bux
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Legislation introduced to transfer the Anti-Dumping Commission from the Australian Customs and Border Protection Service (Customs) to the Department of Industry has passed all stages of parliament.

The legislation provides for the transfer of anti-dumping administration from Customs to the department administered by the minister responsible for Pt XVB (special provisions relating to anti-dumping duties) of the Customs Act 1901. The Bill provides that the Commission will continue to exercise the relevant anti-dumping powers and functions contained in the Customs Act, including the receipt and screening of applications for anti-dumping measures, and the conduct of investigations and inquiries relating to the imposition, review and continuation of such measures.

Anti-dumping powers and functions currently held by the CEO of Customs will also be transferred to the Commissioner.

The legislation includes transitional and saving provisions to maintain the continuity of applications, submissions and ministerial appointments, as well as the operation of non-disclosure and law enforcement provisions relating to information and conduct engaged in prior to commencement of the legislation.


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