Shipping a classic car – a case study

By Margaret Bux
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Vintage and classic cars are more than functional vehicles for their owners.  They are collectors’ or sentimental items that may have taken years to obtain and involve specialised care to transport, as the following case study demonstrates.

After two years of negotiation with a European owner and at great personal expense, a classic car enthusiast from Melbourne recently purchased a military transport vehicle used during WWII.   After a recommendation from a friend who previously utilised Clarke Global Logistics to ship a similar vehicle, the owner Richard asked Director Martin Moyano to initially quote on and then arrange the shipment of this vehicle to Australia.

Martin liaised with Clarke Global’s agent in Europe who had handled the previous project, arranged a Cobra truck to transport the vintage car to a yard for packing into a closed container and then organised freight to Australia.

During packing, to protect the vehicle and paintwork, the vehicle was secured into the container with plastic ties.  For peace of mind, photos were taken and sent during the loading process to the new owner waiting in Melbourne.

Martin also negotiated adequate insurance cover as some things were not automatically covered in the policies that were quoted to him.  He also checked the status of the vehicle with Australian Customs and the Australian Department of Defence to determine and confirm that this type of vehicle was safe (e.g. weapon free) and allowable in Australia.  Finally, customs clearance and quarantine were organised by Clarke Global and the prized possession was on its way.

Richard was able to oversee the unpacking of the container to ensure that his valuable import was safe and sound.  After a speedy clearance from Australian Customs the vehicle was released and delivered by truck to its final destination.

According to Richard, “Clarke Global initially came on recommendation to me and I would certainly use them again.  The measures taken to secure the vehicle inside the container gave me peace of mind, and being able to be present when the container was opened was important to me.  The result of the whole process managed by Clarke Global was 100% perfect, Martin was very responsive and the transport he arranged was brilliant.  I am more than happy with the result.”

If you need to ship a vintage car, Clarke Global have the experience, international networks and knowledge to safely, cost effectively and efficiently transport your classic car, as well as undertake all the necessary checks that such specialised vehicles require.

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