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By Margaret Bux
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A new partnership with Balinese freight forwarding group Nusa Trans Cargo will give Clarke Global clients access to specialised export services on the ground in Bali and throughout Indonesia.

Nusa Trans Cargo offers traditional freight forwarding services from it’s Denpasar based offices, as well as specialised procurement and supply chain management services for individuals and small businesses wishing to export furniture, home wares and other products from Bali.

Clarke Global assists with the shipping and customs clearance arrangements on goods coming into Australia from Bali and can refer Australian customers to Nusa Trans for priority services for sourcing and product procurement in Bali.

Furniture and home ware exports from Bali

Visitors to Bali often fall in love with the Balinese style furniture and home wares and need to find local agents to assist with arrangements to ship large items home to Australia.

Nusa Trans Cargo often assists with one-off shipments individual clients and can arrangement with part (LCL) and full container load (FCL) shipments of furniture and other items resulting from shopping expeditions to Bali and throughout Indonesia.

Business exports and supply services

Nusa Trans Cargo offer a range of business services also, from one-off LCL and FCL shipments, as well as full supply chain logistics services and assistance and advice for small business owners wishing to bring products from Bali to the Australian retail markets.

The team in Denpasar can assist with

  • Product sourcing – to ensure clients find the right product, researching local suppliers to ensure best quality and best price options;
  • Shopping tours in Bali and Indonesia with a dedicated account manager;
  • Procurement and order management;
  • Collection from suppliers, wrapping and packing products for export;
  • Freight Forwarding arrangements from Bali to destination ports.

Please contact us for more information on Indonesian export requirements and establishing and how we can improving your Balinese freight forwarding services.

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