Ongoing issues with very limited timeslots at DP World Melbourne

By Margaret Bux
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We wish to inform our clients that there are ongoing delays at DP World Melbourne terminal and that you may be affected by any of the following issues for existing or future shipments:

  • Backlog of vessels;
  • Containers not being discharged in time;
  • Limited number of timeslots being issued daily;
  • Higher likelihood of incurring via yards, and truckers only being able to collect on the second last free day, or last free day (which isn’t ideal for importers if no additional slots are issued in a timely manner to enable collection);
  • Waiting time onsite to collect containers. For example, a driver from a transport carrier had a shift yesterday between 5am-10pm, where at least 5-6 hours was based on waiting at the terminal with a confirmed timeslot to collect 1-2 containers.
  • Free days being wasted and deliveries being pushed back
  • Export processing delays for submitting PRA’s to meet the vessel cut-off
  • 1 hour of free waiting time will apply for each container (any additional waiting time beyond 1 hour will apply and be billable to the importer)

We are continuing to monitor the situation and will keep our clients updated of all developments and information that comes to light.

If you are concerned with your shipment or have any questions, please contact the team at Clarke Global Logistics on +61 3 9854 3000 or email

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