NSW claimed the larger part of Australian imports in 2012/13 with 34.3%

By Margaret Bux
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New South Wales claimed 34.3% of Australia’s total imports in 2012/13 (down from 36.6% in 2011/12) and was responsible for 20.8% of total Australian exports (up from 19.3%), according to up-to-date data from the Department of Foreign Affairs and Trade (DFAT).

The state exported $62.7bn worth of goods and services in 2012/13 (up 3.2% from 2011/12), and imported $109.4bn (down 0.2%).

DFAT’s current ‘Australia’s Trade by State and Territory 2012/13’ report states that China was NSW’s largest two-way merchandise trading partner in 2012/13, accounting for 22.7% ($27.6bn) of Australia’s total trade. Japan was the second largest two-way trading partner with $16.0bn, followed by the US ($11.3bn).

China led the charge for the state’s major import sources with $21.2bn (up 1.2%), followed by the US at $9.4bn (down 5.3%), Japan with $5.9bn (down 2.2%), Germany with $4.5bn (down 1.0%), and Singapore at $4.3bn (up 11.8%).

The state’s value of exported freight transport services, i.e. transport of all objects other than people, has decreased 11.3% to $55m from $62m in 2011/12. Similarly, the value of imported freight transport services into NSW decreased 0.4% to $28.04bn from $28.16bn. In 2012/13, the value of the state’s exports decreased 4.0% to $62.7bn. Export volumes increased 3.4% while export prices decreased 7.2%. The value of imports decreased 0.5% to $109.4bn; import volumes were steady while import prices fell 0.5%.


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