New Biosecurity fee arrangements from 1 December for Exporters and Importers

By Margaret Bux
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On the 1st December, 2015, the Department of Agriculture and Water Resources commenced the Cost Recovery Implementation Statement (CRIS) 2015-16 fee changes.  This means that the fees and levies that you pay for the Department’s biosecurity (disease, pest and bacteria prevention) services have been redesigned or structured in a new way to reflect the new cost recovery arrangements outlined in CRIS.

The new arrangements are relevant to clients of the Department that export or import food, live animals and plant commodities, by air or sea.  The new fees and levies will simplify the way that the Department charges clients, and improves the transparency and consistency of these charges.

This is just one part of the way the Department is changing how Australia’s biosecurity system is managed to be more modern, responsive and targeted in a changing global trading environment where there is increased movement of people and goods as well as climate change.  The measures delivered by the Department have widened beyond the Australian border to include onshore and offshore preventative and responsive measures.

If you have any questions about how the restructured biosecurity fees and levies affect you or your export or import business, please feel free to contact the team at Clarke Global Logistics on 9854 3000 or email

Information about the revised fees and changes are available at

Fact sheets with the specific details are available at

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