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By Margaret Bux
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Importing goods into Australia is a great way to expand your product offering or to obtain parts if you cannot find a local manufacturer.  It is vitally important to be aware of the regulations, costs and any risks or challenges that may be involved, which may seem daunting but with the right help, it can be a smooth and worry-free service.  Just obtaining the necessary documentation for importing can be a challenge for a first time importer, not to mention industry specific knowledge that would, for example, enable an importer to ensure that their container is collected off the wharf and returned to the shipping line within the free time period to avoid extra costs.

Forming a good relationship with a reputable customs broker with a proven track record as a trusted freight forwarder is a great start.  Their extensive experience and expertise will enable creative solutions to be found for common importing problems that you may come across.

Recently a first time importer contacted Clarke Global to assist with importing a container of recreational paddle boats and parts from the U.S.   The main challenge for Clarke Global was that access to the container drop location involved transport over some very tightly winding roads.  Thanks to Clarke Global’s experienced and accredited transport team, we were happy to hear that our first time importer, Greg from Lane Cove Boatshed had a great experience, here is his testimonial:

Clarke Global imported a 40 foot container for me from Michigan U.S.  This was my first overseas purchase and it could not have been easier, Martin and Assunta organised everything and I did very little. Originally I asked three companies to quote on the container and the two other companies seemed to have a lot of paperwork and any request other than the norm was difficult for them. My emails were responded to from Martin and Assunta so fast that I thought they were working 24 hours a day. The cost of the container was competitive with the other two but the service I got from Clarke Global was brilliant, Wayne from transport was very helpful with organising the local delivery as it was in a National Park and with winding roads etc. it was not made easy for them.

I will use Clarke Global again and would recommend them to you.

For more information on importing and FAQ, please read or download our fact sheet:  How to Import into Australia.  To find out how Clarke Global can deliver import solutions for your business, contact the team today on 9854 3000 or send an email to

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