DP World hit by major cybersecurity breach

By Margaret Bux
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DP World, a major Australian container terminal operator has closed landside access to its terminals in the ports of Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane and Fremantle.  Since 5 pm on Friday 10th November, containers and cargo have not been able to be loaded onto or unloaded from road or rail transportation.

The unprecedented move is a precautionary response to a significant cybersecurity breach discovered late on Friday 10th November.  It is hoped that any further unauthorised access to DP World systems may be mitigated by these swift containment measures including the engagement of an expert team of cybersecurity specialists, disconnecting internet connectivity, and working in coordination with the relevant agencies and authorities including the Australian Cyber Security Centre and the Australian Federal Police. 

This incident further adds to the existing vessel and supply chain delays caused by on-going industrial action including work stoppages and bans on the loading and unloading of trucks led by the Maritime Union of Australia.  The delays which are currently over a week, have caused some vessels to skip the affected ports and leave their cargo in other states.

It has been reported that the stevedore is working around the clock to “restore normal operations.” DPW advises that “imports collections will be the priority, particularly those with extended dwell times and export deliveries will be strictly based on a vessel by vessel basis after we have been advised of the new vessel schedule.”

At this stage it is unclear as to how much time would be required for this incident to be resolved.  The team at Clarke Global Logistics have observed some noticeable changes with some vessels and recommend that any impacted clients contact us on +61 3 9854 3000 or email for further updates or to arrange a contingency plan for goods still in transit where possible.

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