Asbestos-laced goods: Importers to be aware of massive ABF penalties

The Australian Border Force (ABF) is urging all importers to ensure adequate due diligence is undertaken that goods do not contain asbestos particularly when sourced from countries that have asbestos producing industries.  Some goods may even be labelled “asbestos free” but actually still contain asbestos if they are below a certain acceptable level in that […]

Landcruiser sails home after completing World Motor Challenge

After the trip of a lifetime driving to destinations most people can only read about, such as the untouched rugged coastline of Newfoundland (setting of The Shipping News), the ancient trading route known as the Silk Road and the surreal landscapes of remote Middle East, this treasured 1991 Toyota Landcruiser has successfully returned to Australia […]

Tips to avoiding online car purchasing scams – plus an actual case

Recently Director at Clarke Global Logistics, Martin Moyano, was contacted by an unknown shipper to provide a quote for the shipment of a classic car purchased from Melbourne, destined for a New Zealand customer.  The quote was provided. Martin and the team did not hear back from him, however, were contacted at a later stage […]

Shipping a classic car – a case study

Vintage and classic cars are more than functional vehicles for their owners.  They are collectors’ or sentimental items that may have taken years to obtain and involve specialised care to transport, as the following case study demonstrates. After two years of negotiation with a European owner and at great personal expense, a classic car enthusiast […]

How to import a caravan into Australia

The team at Clarke Global are often asked to facilitate the import of caravans to Australia to individuals or to a distributor/seller.  Their customs clearance and import logistics experience in this area has provided them with a track record in hassle free shipping, avoiding unnecessary costs at the ports of exit and destination. One of […]

Journey for Brain Cancer Research

Clarke Global is proud to support the Heads In The Clouds, Wheels On The Ground cause to raise funds for research into a cure for brain cancer. We have donated our professional fees and freight costs to assist two young Australians who embarked on a 6 month motorbike journey from Alaska to Argentina in August […]

Importing a Caravan to Australia

Importing luxury vehicles and caravans into Australia can be challenging and recent first time importer Ben Gray of Canberra says it pays to be well organised. “I’m generally a well organised person, but it pays to organise things weeks ahead. I started organising it six weeks ahead and it made everything run much smoother, there […]